Using this Blog

cezanne detailThis blog is the site at which you will post your reflections on readings and material you have come across during the week, and thoughts about the kinds of things we are doing in class and in groups. It’s a space in which we can extend the conversations that we are having in class, develop our ideas more fully in writing, and share things that we think others in the class (and more broadly) would be interested in.

Check regularly to see what the other people on the course are posting. You can respond to one another using the comments function at the bottom of the blog: you might want to congratulate the author on an interesting blog, you might want to point them towards some reading that you think is relevant, or you might want to ask a question.

This is also a site in which you can experiment with the presentation of your research and ideas. You might choose to use the gallery format option to make a short visual essay one week, for example, or present a text/quotations with asides. Do link to other content on the web (this can be especially useful if you think there may be copyright restrictions on material you’d like to feature, but can find it on another site: you can learn more about copyright and fair use here) and do feel free to play around with the format of your posts (you’ll see a number of format options are available in the dashboard area, allowing you to add images and media, identify quotations, make asides, and create galleries).

When you add a new post, it will appear with linked images on the home page. The newest post will usually appear at a larger size than the others, but they will all remain on the front page.


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